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my "Lessons Learned" along the path to BCG Certification

10 Apr 2017: Evaluation & Process

It just “feels” like the Supreme Court is weighing in on your portfolio, but they aren’t! Here is the slide deck for the Monday’s discussion.

3 Apr 2017: KDP

The Kinship Determination Project is another of the longer documents in the portfolio and, I think, is perhaps the most misunderstood. Here is the slide deck for the presentation:

27 Mar 2017: Case Study

The Case Study or Proof Argument is often one of the more time consuming (and lengthy) documents in the certification portfolio. Thomas W. Jones’s book, Mastering Genealogical Proof is a standard text for this element of the portfolio. Here is the slide deck for the class:

27 Feb 2017: Ethics & Dev Activities

Ethics is and will remain a significant issue for genealogists. Development Activities, on the other hand, is a new requirement; before 2016 they required a resume which was ungraded.

Here is the slide deck for the class:

Code of Ethics

DNA Code of Ethics

Here is my Development Activities submission.

20 Mar 2017: Client Report

You may not even take clients but there is still a requirement for a submission of report of someone unrelated to you. This involves a contract and the response to that contract. Here is the slide deck on the presentation on Client Reports:

6 Mar 2017: Transcriptions

Two transcriptions are required for the portfolio but they involve more than just a simple transcript and abstract of the documents.  It starts with what document you get from BCG which determines the type of document you pick for your applicant supplied document. Professional Genealogist by ESM is your guide. Here is the slide deck for the presentation on Transcriptions:

20 Feb 2017: Application

There are lots of reasons for pursuing certification and we each have our own.  Armed with knowledge, together we can make your personal journey less anxiety ridden, and achieve your goals.

Here is a link to the slide deck for the class:

Here is the link to my blog which I wrote during the process of education–both formal and informal– while “on the clock.”


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